Do you love being fit and active?

The 8 Week

Pilates Performance

Starter Pack

Will get your body core strong

for peak performance in

all the activities

you love to do!

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Who the Pilates Performance Pack is for

  • People who love being fit and active and are pro active in looking after their physical capability.

  • People who have injuries or issues that stop them from performing at their best.

  • People who understand the value of health and wellness.

  • People who are willing to invest time and energy NOW for their future physical capability.

  • People who need expert help on developing core strength and overcoming daily aches and pain.

What Pilates Can Do For You

Injury Rehab & Prevention

Get rid of the pain and frustration of injuries and be pro active in preventing potentially debilitating issues in the future.

Flexibility & Mobility

Minimise joint degeneration, decrease daily aches and pains and increase range of movement for more effective performance.

Core Strength

Learn how to develop correct abdominal strength, get flat abs and drive your performance from a pilates powerhouse.

What Pilates Plus Can Do For You

Over the last nine years, we've helped hundreds of people overcome their physical limitations with pilates core strength programs taught by Diploma Qualified, experienced instructors. We are dedicated to your success and offer the highest standard of instruction, support and customer service.

The 8 Week

Pilates Performance Starter Pack

(save over $100)


  • A one hour full consultation and assessment.

  • An 8 week pilates core strength program designed specifically for you.

  • One studio pilates class each week, taught in a small group of 3 people working on the pilates equipment.

  • One mat pilates class each week working on the pilates foundations, developing core strength fitness.

  • Ongoing support and reviews

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Pilates Performance

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